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Off The Mark

Our app for anglers who want to keep a digital logbook of all their sessions and catches, both for paylakes and public venues.


Session Management

It all starts with starting your session off course. You can choose between a session on a private (paylake, syndicate, dayticket, ...) venue or on a public (canals, rivers, ...) venue. Weather info is automatically collected, so you already have a headstart over other anglers.


Catch Management

We hope you are quickly 'Off The Mark' and then you can enter your catch very easily. Put in the date and time of the catch, species, weight and length. Upload some photos of your magnificent fish and there you go, your catch was registered.



We all love to see some numbers and charts, don't we? Head over to the statistics tab to see more info on how you are doing this month, this year or whenever.

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